Water Rights

Western water law has evolved since the notorious water wars of the late 1800s. Resolving water disputes in the west no longer involves a fight at the ditch headgate.

Water law and water rights engineering have replaced physical altercations to resolve disputes, more humane but often greatly more complex. When your water assets are threatened you need a firm that knows the law as well as other practical approaches to maximizing water rights yields, developing new supplies, and navigating permitting.

We provide expertise in water accounting, water rights adjudications, well permit applications, substitute water supply plans, water supply augmentation plans, yield analysis, water rights and storage valuations. We use cutting-edge modeling software to create roadmaps needed to protect your valuable assets, and we prepare expert reports for litigation. We excel in the combination of current analytic capabilities coupled with a heavy dose of creativity and plain old common sense.

Related Projects

Northern Water Supply Project

East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District (ECCV), Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority (ACWWA), and United Water and Sanitation District are developing a water supply project to deliver over 10,000 AFY of renewable South Platte River supply to the south Denver metro area. DiNatale Water Consultants assists in the preparation of water court applications, substitute water supply plans, augmentation plans, analytical tools, groundwater modeling and operations studies. DiNatale Water Consultants has conducted modeling to assess water rights yield, exchange potential, and pumping and augmentation strategies. In addition, DiNatale Water Consultants prepares and submits water accounting to the Colorado Division of Water Resources, and assists in capital planning, water quality and cost estimates.