Water Quality and Reservoir Management

Our firm has deep, vertical knowledge in source-to-customer water quality protection.

Water quality, including source water protection, reservoir management and treatment, are critically important in any water supply system. An understanding of contaminant threats, sampling, analyses and mitigation techniques is required for effective stewardship. We offer field-tested experience at all stages of the water supply chain, drawing on company founder Kelly DiNatale’s long local government service in Colorado. This enables us to serve our clients technically while also understanding political processes and issues.

Related Project

Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority

DiNatale Water is assisting the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority in Charlottesville, Virginia in developing a monitoring and reservoir management plan for its five reservoirs. The reservoirs are experiencing nutrient loading and resulting algae blooms. In association with renowned limnologist, Alex Horne, DiNatale Water has developed a reservoir water quality monitoring program, trained Rivanna staff on proper sampling techniques, and analyzed monitoring data and trends. DiNatale Water is developing a comprehensive reservoir management plan to help the Authority deliver high quality treated water to its customers.