Utilities, Conservation, Reuse and Financing

Municipal providers walk a fine line between selling water at rates that encourage conservation and producing revenues sufficient to operate and maintain the utility.

Development of new sources for municipal water can be costly. Systems need to operate efficiently, minimize cost, and maximize reliability and operational flexibility. We assist water providers in developing water conservation plans, capital improvement projects, evaluating financing, and developing water, wastewater, and reclaimed and non-potable rate and tap fees. Our comprehensive understanding of water and wastewater systems is coupled with innovative solutions and deep knowledge of utility operations.

Related Project

Erie Non-Potable Water Rates and Master Plan

DiNatale Water Consultants prepared a Non-Potable Water Master Plan and Rate Recommendations for the Town of Erie. The plan includes projected non-potable demands for areas that could be served in the short term and mid-term horizons, such as landscape irrigation of residential areas, medians, parks, and commercial and industrial areas. DiNatale Water conducted a supply analysis of Erie’s current and potential raw and reclaimed water sources that could be used to meet non-potable demands. DiNatale Water also recommended tap fees and rates for the various non-potable user classes.

Design and construction of the system was separated into several phases that can be built as development occurs. It includes the infrastructure layout that maximizes coordinated operations of raw water and reclaimed sources to minimize operational costs and maximize operational flexibility.