State, Regional and Local Planning

In the west we are familiar with scarcity of water. That’s why a realistic view of supply planning is essential. We specialize in plans that can actually be accomplished, not those that collect dust on a shelf.

Effective planning is key when it comes to water resources. Whether your project involves a single provider, a regional watershed, or an entire state, a proper plan is needed wherever extended droughts and population growth stress limited water supplies. Water planning entails more than simple analysis. Integrated water resources planning involves a fusion of new supply development, conservation, reuse, planning for drought, water use efficiency, water demand forecasting, and evaluation of water supply alternatives. We provide the critical framework to guarantee your project needs are fulfilled.

We offer our clients the benefit of decades of experience in water planning on multiple scales from local to state levels and practical and viable planning guidance to help make the most of what you have.

Related Projects

Colorado Water Conservation Board

DiNatale Water Consultants has worked on a variety of projects funded in whole or in part by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB). The CWCB “represents each major water basin, Denver and other state agencies in our joint effort to use water wisely and protect our water for future generations.” On the basin scale, DiNatale Water helped develop the Rio Grande Basin Implementation Plan, a CWCB-led effort. At the project level, DiNatale Water has worked on several CWCB Alternative Agriculture Water Transfer Methods projects in both the South Platte and Rio Grande basins. The purpose of the program is to assist in developing and implementing creative alternatives to traditional practices of purchase and transfer of agricultural water, known as “buy and dry”. DiNatale Water is also currently working on the South Platte Decision Support System being developed by the CWCB and Division of Water Resources.

South Platte Decision Support System (SPDSS) Surface Water Model St. Vrain Basin

DiNatale Water Consultants, in conjunction with Brown and Caldwell, is developing a StateMod surface water model of the St. Vrain River Basin as part of the SPDSS.  The model uses a data-centered approach that incorporates data from the State’s hydrologic database, HydroBase, consumptive use analyses, and other information collected as part of the SPDSS over the past decade.  The resulting StateMod model will be integrated with models of other major watersheds in the South Platte basin to form a basin-wide planning tool. The tool will help water users and administrators:

  • Evaluate alternative water-administration strategies
  • Promote information and data sharing to better understand and improve water system operations
  • Facilitate regional water resource planning decisions in the wake of climate change

The Rio Grande Basin Implementation Plan

In response to Governor John Hickenlooper’s 2013 Executive Order, which launched a Colorado-wide initiative to develop strategies to address the State’s growing water demands, DiNatale Water Consultants assisted the Rio Grande Basin Roundtable (BRT) in developing the Rio Grande Basin Implementation Plan. The BRT is one of nine basin roundtables established by the “Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act.” The plan identifies the critical water issues facing all who live, work, and recreate in the Rio Grande Basin and proposes an implementable path forward, thereby advancing the statewide mission to ensure:

  • A productive economy that supports vibrant and sustainable cities, viable and productive agriculture, and a robust and diverse recreation and tourism industry
  • Efficient and effective water infrastructure promoting smart land use
  • A strong environment that includes healthy watersheds, rivers and streams, and wildlife