Permitting and Environmental Impact Statements

The permitting process for water projects is not simple, quick or cheap.

A knowledgeable and pragmatic guide through the maze of red tape—or assistance in how to avoid it altogether—helps shape a project to be positioned for success. We have experience with large water supply Environmental Impact Statements and federal land exchanges for applicants and review agencies in Colorado and Texas. We also assist with smaller permitting projects, assisting clients with obtaining the necessary local and state permits, Environmental Assessments, nationwide 404 permits and groundwater well permitting.

Related Projects

Halligan Reservoir

Army Corps of Engineers and Western Ecological Systems Technology Inc (WEST) — DiNatale Water is serving on the Third Party Contractor Team to the Army Corps of Engineers for the Halligan Reservoir Water Supply Project EIS. Work includes coordination and development of a common technical platform for the hydrology modeling and analysis of project alternatives for the Halligan Water Supply Project.

Lake Ralph Hall

Lake Ralph Hall is a proposed 160,000 AF reservoir in north Texas that would supply water to residents in the rapidly growing northern area of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. DiNatale Water is working closely with the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure an independent analysis of the hydrologic modeling and the ability to use the modeling to assess impacts to a host of environmental resources in the basin. DiNatale Water is working to coordinate efforts between various regulatory agencies to ensure that existing or refined hydrologic modeling meets the needs of all resources, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the EIS process.