Westerners know the importance of water.

Based in the arid west we have learned to solve problems of water scarcity and quality. The lessons we have learned drive our creative approaches and real, workable solutions to the challenges our clients face. Our small firm market niche enables us to be nimble and creative. “Is there another or better way?” is a standard, common sense question we often pose, fleshing out possibilities for our clients that serve them effectively. Our services include:

Water Rights

Developing, managing, and protecting water rights in order to maximize value and beneficial use.

State, Regional and Local Planning

Guiding water resources planning on multiple scales to cover an array of possible futures in the wake of drought, population growth, and limited water supplies.

Permitting and Environmental Impact Statements

Guiding complex permitting processes, whether at the local, state, or federal levels.

Water Quality and Reservoir Management

Helping with water quality protection and reservoir management, from headwaters to the treatment plant.

Utility Water Conservation, Reuse, Financing and Operations

Advising on water conservation, creation of reclaimed and non-potable water systems, financial planning, rates and tap fee analysis, and water treatment processes and operations evaluations.